Campus Spotlight: Belaire Elementary Eagles are Reaching New Heights

When you walk in the front doors of Belaire Elementary, you will feel like you are flying through the air just like an Eagle. Because at Belaire, Eagles SOAR! This shared vision helps provide meaning into everything their students and staff do. For students, this means safe, on task, acting responsibly, and respecting self and others. For staff, this means seize opportunities and take ownership in the learning of all future ready learners. In this week’s San Angelo ISD Campus Spotlight, we introduce you to Belaire Elementary.

Constructed in 1955, Belaire Elementary is a special campus located near Goodfellow Air Force Base and a home to military-connected students as well as civilian students. Belaire Elementary provides their students with many opportunities to live their vision, celebrate all their successes, and fly high throughout the school year. The vision is at the forefront of each day as the daily announcements are centered around the SOAR statement. Students are rewarded and recognized for their achievements in alignment with the vision statement called the SOARing Eagle award. Students are also recognized for outstanding representations of character, reaching reading goals, and attendance. The students are recognized at a monthly spirit assembly which brings all the students together for fellowship and highlights the special projects students are working on in the classrooms. 

“At Belaire Elementary, we believe every student deserves a champion. That is why our staff created this vision statement to bring us all together to ensure each child has the opportunity to strive for excellence,” said Belaire Elementary principal Mrs. Laura Eubank. 

Without the dedication and commitment of the Belaire teachers, staff members, and Mrs. Eubank, the vision would not be capable of making such an impact on the students. The staff support one another and uplift each other for going above and beyond and lending a helping hand to each other and their students. Mrs. Eubank expresses pride in her staff's ability to create a safe and healthy environment in which students are ready and willing to learn. Mrs. Eubank also reflected on a great moment she witnessed as a student strived to succeed with the help of their teacher during a guided reading lesson. The student was tasked with determining a consonant-vowel-consonant word and then building that work with letter tiles. The student chose the word “tat”. As the student began building the word with the letter tiles, they realized they only had one of each letter to work with and was short a letter t. Instead of giving up and starting over with a new word, the student started using other letters, turning and flipping them to create a “t”. This student showed resilience, and all the aspects of our SAISD Learner Profile, creativity, critical thinking, collaboration, and communication, to overcome that obstacle and SOAR. 

We hope you enjoyed this SAISD Campus Spotlight on Belaire Elementary. We wish our Belaire Eagles, Principal Eubank and staff a wonderful 2021-2022 school year, and the fulfillment of, and progress toward, empowering students to SOAR! To stay up-to-date on San Angelo ISD, please visit the SAISD website at and follow us on Facebook and Twitter.