Five SAISD Counseling Departments Receive CREST Award for Excellence in Counseling

San Angelo ISD counselors, principals and staff take a picture after five SAISD counseling departments received CREST Awards.
Five SAISD Counseling Departments Receive CREST Award for Excellence in Counseling

San Angelo ISD is proud to announce the Counseling Departments at Austin Elementary, Lincoln Middle School, Lone Star Middle School, Lake View High School and Carver Learning Center have received the distinct honor of being awarded the Counselors Reinforcing Excellence for Students in Texas (CREST) award for excellence in counseling. This is the first year Austin Elementary and Carver Learning Center has received the award and the second consecutive year Lincoln Middle School and Lake View High School have received the award and the third consecutive year for Lone Star Middle School. 

“I am proud of our CREST winners along with all of our counseling staff for the support they give our students, staff and families,” said Rebecca Cline, SAISD Director of Assessment and Counseling. “Our counselors truly strive to support each student’s academic, social and emotional needs to be future ready graduates.”

In 2005, Texas School Counselor Association began the CREST program to recognize schools with outstanding counseling programs. To receive a CREST award, schools must demonstrate a commitment to improving the lives and achievement of students in academic, career, and personal social domains. CREST helps counselors to evaluate their counseling programs, promote their programs to the stakeholders in their districts, demonstrate the effectiveness of their guidance and counseling programs through empirical means, and to implement the Texas and National models for school counseling programs.

The following counselors were recognized during the 19th Annual Professional School Counselor Conference on February 4-6:

  • Lake View High School – Stacie Riddle, Rachel Gandar, Jennifer O’Donnell, Jenny Ruppert, Zach Ramirez
  • Lone Star Middle School – Amber Garza, Justin McClure, Michael O’Briant, Amy Lemaster
  • Lincoln Middle School – Beth McAda, Erica DeLaGarza, Joe Gandar
  • Austin Elementary School – Jessica Riddle, Brooke Kalnbach, April Johnson
  • Carver Learning Center – Yvonne Busenlehner, Claudia Becerra

SAISD school counselors are certified, experienced educators with a master’s degree in school counseling. The combination of their training and experience makes them an integral part of the total educational program to more fully serve our students. Our counselors make a unique impact on our students by empowering all students to acquire the skills needed to be academically successful and college/career ready, while also providing assistance to those in need of special services. They support the social, emotional, academic and career growth and development of all students by building positive relationships, creating safe and inviting environments for open conversation, and collaborating with stakeholders to benefit students. 

“The goal of our SAISD Comprehensive School Counseling Program is to serve students through four delivery components: Guidance, Individual Planning, Responsive Services, and System Support,” said Mrs. Cline. “Our counselors and principals use data and evidence to help guide students through academic, social and emotional needs The CREST award is a way to spotlight campuses that have chosen to submit a portfolio of their work to the Texas School Counseling Association, be rated using a rubric based on the Texas Model of Comprehensive School Counseling Programs, and receive feedback on that work.”  

Please join us in congratulating and thanking our outstanding CREST award winners who truly make a difference in our students' lives! To stay up-to-date on San Angelo ISD, please visit the SAISD website at and follow us on Facebook and Twitter