Bonham is a NO BULLYING School!

Each year we continue to educate our students about bullying.  We often recieve calls from parents who feel thier child is being bullied due to name calling, minor physical issues, etc.  Most of these behaviors, especially for our younger students, are normal social behaviors.  Kids are learning to get along, share, and play among a large group of kids.  Our staff continually works to correct these behaviors through various teaching strategies, consequences, and rewards.  When students tell adults about these behaviors, in most cases, it is not a bullying situation. Usually the students work things out with little teacher intervention and all is good.  But....

We have posted the following in all classrooms:

when someone with greater power
unfairly hurts someone
with less power
over and over again.

We hope you will help us make our school a NO BULLY school by discussing this definition with your child/children.  If a child is being bullied, you will often see the following warning signs:  a drop in grades, loss of interest in activities such as sports, clubs, etc., withdrawn body language, frequent complaints about heath, sudden mood changes, and these are just a few.  In most cases, children who are being bullied don't tell due to fear.  So, if you see major changes in your child's behavior please take action by talking to them, calling the school, talking to coaches, and any other people your child may spend time with.  Sudden major behavior changes may be your child's way of asking for help.