Welcome from the Counselor- Mr. Hallmark

Parker Hallmark

I am so excited to be at Bonham Elementary.  I am eager work with the children, families and staff at Bonham.

PHONE: (325)947-3917 EXT. 121
FAX: (325)947-3945

What is School Counseling?

School counseling helps students emotionally and socially so they can concentrate on school tasks. The school counseling program offers the following services:

  • Individual Counseling
  • Small Group Counseling
  • Classroom Guidance

Possible Individual Topics:

  • Personal/family crisis Conflicts with others
  • Feelings Self-esteem
  • Normal developmental issues

Possible Group Topics:

  • Anger management Loss (divorce, death)
  • Friendship and Social Skills Feelings
  • Self-esteem

Possible Class Visit Topics:

  • Dealing with bullies/being friends
  • Character Education
  • Study Skills
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Goal Setting

How Can I Visit With My Counselor?

Ask your teacher to notify Mr. Hallmark
Ask your parents to notify Mr. Hallmark
Pick up a form to request to see the counselor at the front office and drop off in Mr. Hallmark's box on his door.

Bringing Out The Best In Kids - Getting Involved With Your Child's Education

Children benefit greatly when parents take an active role.  They are more likely to:

  • enjoy learning and school life
  • improve their skills and attitudes
  • do better in school
  • develop confidence in themselves
  • become better prepared for the future

Parents can get involved by "teaming up" with your child's school.  The keys are to:

  • Help your child get the most from studying. Set aside a quiet time.  Make a study center.  Help with homework.  Be available.  Set clear rules about study time.  Read together every day.
  • Get to know your child's teachers and counselor, subject matter and school policies.  Attend open houses.  Schedule parent-teacher conferences.  Build a good relationship.  Stay in touch.
  • Take part in school activities.  Lend your talents.  Volunteer.  Go to school functions.  Support fund-raising events. 
  • Show your child that you value education.  Encourage, don't discourage.  help your child be independent.  Set goals together. Talk positively about school. Be a positive role model.  Talk with your child.  Show your love.

Your child's education depends on teamwork and you'll benefit too, knowing that you're helping your child get a good education!