School Policies

Student Handbook
Code of Conduct

Safety, Independence and Responsibility

It is of utmost importance to us that we provide a safe environment and teach our students responsibility and independence. Therefore, we want to remind you of a few things:

Changes in Transportation

We do not receive phone calls in the office to change same day afternoon transportation plans for students except in cases of emergency.  Please send a note with the child or email the teacher to let us know of transportation changes.  Example:  Joe's grandmother, Joetta Nanners will be picking him up next week.

Before School

We ask that parents do not walk their students into any buildings in the mornings before school. Students need to exert their independence walking themselves to class and safety requires we not have other people in the buildings.

Lunches and Homework

If your child forgets his or her lunch at home they will be provided a lunch in the cafeteria. If they do not have money if their account, they may charge.  Forgotten homework is also a good learning experience. Teachers will not allow students tfo call home to retrieve homework, but students will be given the opportunity to make up work.

Lunch Tips

Thank you to all of the parents who are checking in at the front office for lunch. Remember it is required for you to have a photo id. Please do not park in the fire lane. There is plenty of visitor parking in the front lot. Also- we ask that no parents go out to the playground area after lunch. One of our staff will walk them to meet their class or playground after lunch.  ** Please check for updates about campus vistitation during COVID.  Parent/visitors for lunch may be limited or not permitted due to space and social distancing rules. 

Thanks so much!!