Dropoff & Pickup

All vehicles line up on Southland in one line. Cars will stay in one line until they get to their own entrance as indicated. Please stay in your car and move up as you are able.

Pull up as far as possible in the circles and alley so we can unload and load more students.  

Drop off and pick up on the curb, not on the driver's side of the car.  Students will not be allowed to cross traffic.

Please turn right out of the circles. Turning left holds up the entire line. 

We ask that parents remain in their cars during the pick up and drop off process.    Please adhere to regulations regarding Handicapped Parking spaces. Those regulations are enforced. There is NO PARKING on Southland because the entire area in front of the school is the merged lane for each loading zone. 

Specific zones are used for Daycare/bus pickup. No parent parking in the daycare loading zone.

Students who walk home must cross at the crosswalk.

Safety Reminder -  Please abide by the city's posted No Parking signs and do not park on the street.  You can be ticketed if you leave your car unattended on the street.

These procedures are for the safety of all students.  We need to monitor our students closely, and these procedures help us to do that.  If all parents will follow these procedures, we will have fewer tardies in the mornings and we can clear our campus in 10 minutes or less every afternoon.  Please use our traffic circles and alley to drop off and pick up your child/children.

Morning Drop-off

You may choose the drop-off spot that is most convenient for you.

Kindergarten & 1st gr students will be supervised in the cafeteria and 2nd - 5th grade in the gym beginning at 7:15 when the gate is unlocked.  Please do not drop off your children before then.  Staff members are not on duty.  

The Tardy Bell rings at 7:45. If you are dropping off after 7:45, students will need to come in the front door near the office.  


Dismissal is at 3:05.  Please get in the habit of pulling through the circle all the way up to pick up your child/children.  We encourage all parents to remain in their cars during the pick up process.   You may pick up all your children in the youngest child's pickup location.

Dismissal Locations

K and 3rd - Front Circle (near the flagpole)
2nd and 4th - Side Circle (by Fire Station)
1st and 5th - Alley (by the cafeteria)

Morning & Afternoon Traffic Tips

Our #1 goal is to make sure all of our students and staff are safe as you drop off and pick up children.

We do our best to keep traffic flowing smoothly during afternoon pickup time.  

Please be patient!! We ask that you  do not cut in line, but if someone does, don't allow that to anger you. We cannot police all of the cars, so we need your help by working with us as we direct traffic. 

Also, please allow day care vans and school buses the right of way when entering the parking lots.  These buses need to get to other campuses, so we do our best to get them loaded and on their way.

Students should be ready to exit the vehicle as you move into position. Please do not wait until you get into position before gathering your things and getting your jacket, etc. 

If you need to park, please park in the designated parking lot. 

Again, our main goal is to keep students safe.  If everyone will follow our traffic procedures, we can clear our campus quickly and safely.